Sergiy Danylchenko.

Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Zen Innovations

About Sergiy

Sergiy Danylchenko is a software engineer for Zen Innovations. He designs and implements software using a wide range of platforms and programming languages, focusing on building effective and optimized code for data processing on all levels of software applications.

He received a master degree in applied mathematics and computer science at Kyiv National University, Ukraine, where he also finished his post-graduated education in cryptography, complexity theory and quantum computing. Sergiy has worked in the area of software engineering for more than 17 years. He started his career as a C/C++, SQL and VB developer on the Ukrainian ERP system. He has also worked as a developer (and later as an architect) for a Swiss software company developing an EMP (Exception Management & Processing) system for SIS AG and a performance analytics&report system for UBS AG.

During these projects he gained extensive experience in all levels of developing complex enterprise applications (database logic, rich UI client, web services, thin web client) using evolutionary program languages and platforms (C/C++, VB for rich clients, C# on .NET platform, Java script for developing web clients, Java/Groovy and Scala. Sergiy joined Zen Innovations in 2013. He is keen on developing challenging tasks and projects and investigating new software technologies and trends.

Sergiy’s passion is to travel by car with his family through Europe, skiing and scuba diving.