Jean Tremblay.

Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Zen Innovations

About Jean

Jean Tremblay is one of the founding members of Zen Innovations and member of the board of directors.

He is both Swiss and Canadian citizen. He received his bachelor in Electrical Engineering with an option in Computer Architecture at the University McGill in Montreal.

He has many years of experience in software analysis & development, project management, programming and data modeling. He has extensive experience in C++, Java/JEE, Spring/Spring Boot, Hadoop, Apache Cassandra (NoSQL DB), Hibernate, Angular JS, ExtJS, SQL, Unit Testing, Apache products and various other Open Source technologies.

Jean began his career at Videoway, a research company owned by Videotron Communication, in Montreal. At Videoway he developped communication protocols to upload information in home computers connected to the cable TV. He was also responsible for developing an easy to use man machine interface to control the Videoway. This product was somewhat a predecessor to the Internet as we know it today.

After moving to Switzerland he started to work for Thomson Corporation. He was head of Web Development for the product DataStar Web, where he was able to gain extensive knowledge in the Web technology space. Jean’s speciality interest lays in building highly scalable and redundant systems design as well as usability in user interfaces.