Ivan Prasol.

Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Zen Innovations

About Ivan

Ivan Prasol is a software engineer at Zen Innovations. He designs and implements the software projects focusing on web-based user interfaces and effective big data processing.

Ivan is in software engineering since many years. He studied applied mathematics at the National Technical University in Kyiv, Ukraine and started his career as the C/C++ developer taking part in the development of an ERP system and a multimedia solution for distance learning. This was followed by Java developer positions in the companies Thomson and PostFinance in Berne, Switzerland, where Ivan developed various web applications and backend services. He also planned and led the re-design and refactoring of applications to improve the system performance and maintainability.

His current focus is the development of web applications using various open source technologies (in Java/JEE, Groovy, Javascript, etc.) with the emphasis on usability, easy extensibility and maintenance. Ivan joined Zen Innovations in 2011.